EU Elections 2014


The European Elections 2014 are approaching, but political party finance at European level and transnational campaigning are not yet fully regulated and the rules are quite different all across the European Union.


The European Union needs better rules for European political parties, with more transparency and better supervision. And we as civil society need to watch how European campaigns are conducted all across the EU.

TI EU Public Statements:


  • 1 July 2014: Transparency International calls on MEPs to embrace anti-corruption agenda (Read more)
  • 18 March 2014: TI-EU welcomes improved oversight of European-level political parties for the 2019 EU elections. Read more.
  • 17 October 2013: All eyes on the integrity of the 2014 European elections. Read more.
  • 26 November 2012: Robust rules needed for fair and clean European Parliament Elections 2014. Read more.

Written contributions to EC Consultations:

Blogs posts specific to the campaign:


Transparency Intergroup introduced at the European Parliament

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After a successful collaborative effort between MEPs, TI-EU and other civil society organisations, the European Parliament formally established the new intergroup on Integrity: Transparency, anti- corruption and organised crime, last December. An intergroup is an informal group of cross-party MEPs that want to …

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The state of transparency in the Council of the EU

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This week the Council of the EU adopted new rules on the financing of European political parties and new transparency rules on the non-financial reporting of big companies. We had evaluated the progress on these two directives, inter alia, in …

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European Parliament Elections 2014: The Anti-Corruption Pledge

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To view an updated list of the Anti-Corruption Pledge’s signatories please click here. The Transparency International EU Office, together with many of our national chapters around the EU, has been inviting MEPs elections to sign our Anti-Corruption Pledge 2014 – and …

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    • 6 December 2012: “Political Party Integrity in Europe” (18h00-19h30). See the agenda and the slide show below (photos by Bea Uhart):


    • September 2014: Adoption of the new rules for European Political Parties expected (delay because of mistake in European Parliament vote in April 2014)
    • 22-25 May 2014:  European Parliament elections in 28 EU member states.
    • July-November 2014: New EU Parliament to vote on new EU Commission President and Commission.

    research results:

    Work of Transparency international National Chapters:

    reference documents:

    EU documents

    • Compromise text for new rules for European political parties, Spring 2014
    • Proposal on the statute and funding of European political parties and foundations (PDF) and the related proposed changes for the financial regulation (PDF) published on 12 September 2012
    • Regulation 2004/2003 on the regulations governing political parties at European level and the rules regarding their funding (consolidated version as amended in December 2007)
    • European Parliament Bureau Decision laying down the procedures for implementing Regulation 2004/2003 (consolidated version as amended in February 2011, PDF)
    Transparency International documents (currently under review)
    • Financial rules for the political groups in the European Parliament, incl. during election campaign times (PDF)


    • European Parliament website publishes the finance reports of political parties and foundations at European level (see bottom of the page)

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    Daniel Freund

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    For the EP Pledge:

    Carl Dolan


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